About the Pickled Wife

21st June 2019

Posted in: News

The PICKLED WIFE delicious condiments are made by Chris Fishwick in Manjimup. They are really delicious and of course we stock them here in our Busselton fresh food market.

Here are some of Chris’s words describing her products:


Our Green Tomato Pickle holds a special place in my heart with this recipe being handed down to me from my beloved Nana and generations before her. I feel I have an important role in nurturing these food memories and honouring those recipes from their true beginnings, ensuring that my children continue to hear my stories of growing up around strong women and the importance of those nostalgic family moments. This in turn shares what we already know to be a very addictive jar of Green Tomato Pickle that we happily share with our customers. Locally grown and sourced, the tomatoes are picked green in the early morning and ready for me to collect direct from the sorting shed to then turn into a delicious pickle that makes for the perfect condiment on your next ham and cheese sandwich or a side condiment on your weekend grazing board.


Our ever popular Asian infused Hot Jam is proving to be a relish of choice with our customers and definitely a must have pantry staple. A complex and flavoursome relish, packed full of garlic, ginger, chilli and coriander sharing with each mouthful an aromatic infusion. Adding freshly picked coriander just before jarring our relish gives our Hot Jam a real vibrant and refreshing citrus lime flavour full of sweetness and zest. Grown just outside of Manjimup by local farming family the Ryan’s in their herb tunnels, who produce an assortment of quality driven fresh, herbs. The bite you get when you taste our Hot Jam is a hit of red chilli from local Manjimup farmer Rob Walker, who’s been growing red chillies amongst other vegetables for many years. It’s the extra little kick you get with each mouthful of our relish that lingers on your palette. Another big component to our Hot Jam is our pesticide free, organically grown garlic that’s harvested from our humble vegetable garden. When our supply runs out, we’re able to source quality garlic from local growers Tracy Robbins and Neil Taylor from ‘Frog Song Farm’ on the outskirts of Manjimup, who also practice organically growing methods.


Our ever popular Dukkah is such a wonderful condiment that’s proving to be a real favourite addition to many foodies grazing boards, along with hamper companies loving the convenience of our packaging pouches and the complex flavour profile this condiment delivers. All of the spices are lightly roasted to release the aromatic flavours and to ensure each mouthful delivers the perfect crunch. All the dry ingredients are sourced from our neighbouring friends Bec and Bryn in Dunsborough. A family owned and operated small business ‘Southwest Provisions’ providing a wonderful service to-boot.