Food Seasons

Different varieties of vegetables and fruit are grown throughout the seasons as the weather changes.

Our Australian local farmers grow different crops at different times of the year, following the seasons. The cycle of growing is a natural occurrence with the taste and nutrients being best with seasonally grown fruit and veg. Seasonal produce is delicious.

We aim to support our local growers by selling more of their seasonal crops. Therefore we will offer you seasonal vegetables and fruit in this order:

  1. From our local region
  2. From WA
  3. From Australia
  4. Imported due to customers requests

A lot of vegetables and fruit is imported into Australia during our local farmers’ unseasonal times; e.g. asparagus from Mexico, oranges and grapes from the USA. These goods have travelled thousands of kilometers across many countries to get here. We’d prefer to sell local fresh produce that has come from nearby, is fresher and tastier and supports Aussie growers. At times we will need to source from further afield as customers demand, as at times there is a requirement for out of Australian season produce.