Enjoy our fresh croissants, chocolate croissants and danish pastries on weekends

About Western Growers Fresh
Opening March 2019

Proud to provide quality food and local fresh produce

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Supporting local farmers

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Providing delicious, fresh local food to the Busselton community

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Western Growers Fresh is the perfect place to find the best fruit and vegetables

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Fresh ready meals; salads, curries, soup, quiches and more

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Welcome to Western Growers Fresh!
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Busselton’s new local fresh food market.
Your one stop for food shopping.

Proud to provide quality food and local fresh produce, we are 3 food lovers, passionate about regional Australia and supporting local growers, farmers, producers and artisans.

Western Growers Fresh showcases the excellent quality and diversity of food produced in Western Australia under one roof.  Starting the business from scratch we opened our Busselton fresh food market in March 2019. We offer a large range of delicious ready meals home-made here in our kitchen using our quality fresh Western Australian produce. Easy take home meals include curries, lasagnes, stir fry packs, salads, sushi, desserts, tarts and pastries made here. Our bakers make our pastry from scratch using butter and WA flour. With great quality and excellent value, you’ll be able to feed your family healthy food within your budget.

Western Growers Fresh is the place to shop where you know you don’t need to check the labels for additives and preservatives.

All fresh food in the business is free of artificial preservatives and additives.

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Here you are able to shop where you know you don’t need to check if fresh produce is imported.

Where you know that you don’t have to worry about imported diseases and chemicals in your fresh food as it’s all from trusted Western Australian farmers.

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In Our Kitchen, our chefs are busily cooking ready-to-go meals using this Western Australian fresh local produce.

You can choose from a changing selection of single serve and family serve meals, with meat and vegetarian options.

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