Our Growers & Producers

The heroes of our food are without a doubt, our growers and producers.  We salute you.

Western Growers Fresh is in a prime position to access an outstanding variety of different types of fruits and vegetables, truffles, nuts and dairy, sheep, pig and cattle farms, freshly caught seafood, all within a 300km radius of our shop in Busselton. Shopping here you’ll support over 200 hard working growers, farmers and artisan food producers who make delicious local food.

Did you know that as well as a much wider variety of produce, the South West of WA produces:

  • 70% of Western Australia’s apples, that’s why we’re a healthy bunch.
  • 70% of Australia’s avocados, woohoo, how lucky are we!
  • 90% of Western Australia’s broccoli, go the Vitamin C and potassium!
  • Most of Western Australia’s Marron, delish freshwater crays.
  • 95% of Western Australia’s potatoes, with some tasty new varieties.
  • 100% of tamarillos. YEP, that’s true.
  • 85% of the Southern Hemisphere’s black truffles. Bet you didn’t know that!
  • Lots and lots of happy free range cattle, pigs, sheep, goats.
  • High quality milk and cream which is also made into delicious cheese and ice-cream
  • Fresh unpolluted fish in our clean Indian Ocean waters.

So, if we are cut off from the rest of the world, we’d be just fine here. I didn’t tell you that we also have amazing wine, beer and spirits made locally.  We really would be just fine!

Best Quality Meats and Fish

At Western Growers Fresh, you’ll conveniently find delicious local meats, truly an omnivore’s delight! Our butcher cases are teaming with beautifully marbled steaks, plump and hearty free-range chickens, lean and tasty pork and a wealth of other fine meats. Our local traditional butchers, Wayne and Julie at Geobay Butchering Company, Mondo Meats, Dorper Lamb, Eurostyle Butchers, Dardanup Butchering Company bring to the table their expert skills gleaned from years of experience perfecting their craft. We select only the best quality meat and cut portions of South West grown beef, lamb and pork. All chicken meat sold in the butcher cases and used in our meals is West Australian chicken.

Our fresh fish is all sustainably sourced West Australian fish fillets. Packed fresh in cryovac bags, it’s easy to choose from the display fridge.
We sell fresh fish as well as snap frozen seafood for your convenience. Our salmon is Tasmanian as it is excellent quality, with high oil content and excellent farming practices. You’ll find north west snapper barramundi, Nannygai from Esperance, Abrolhos Island Scallops, NZ clams, North West prawns,  in our freezer cabinet. Fresh fish includes, salmon, red emperor, Nannygai and more dependant on the season