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26th August 2019

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We’d like to introduce Vasse Valley Hemp to you. The hemp for these products is grown and produced just a few kilometres down the road from our shop. Vasse Valley Hemp is yet another local success story, with an entrepreneurial young family wanting a sustainable lifestyle in the area they love to live.

We stock all 3 of the Vasse Valley Hemp products in our shop, so come in for a taste.

Roasted hempseed dukkah at Western Growers Fresh











Use the roasted hemp seed dukkah sprinkled on your salad, as a crumb for your steak, or your Ora King Salmon. Pair it with a local olive oil and enjoy with BAKED sourdough bread. 

Why is hemp so good for your body?

Technically a nut, the hemp seed has great nutritional value! With the food intolerances of our modern world, hemp is an excellent alternative to nuts. Hemp seeds are gluten-free and are a fantastic source of plant-based protein filled with  essential fatty acids for those on restricted diets. Vasse Valley hemp is a non-GMO crop and  grows without the use of chemicals so is free of contaminants.

The Vasse Valley roasted hemp seed paste is delicious on toast with avocado on top!
Use it instead of tahini in your hummus for a serious protein pack!

Roasted hemp seed paste at Western Growers Fresh

What are Hemp health benefits?

Besides tasting great, hemp seed is rich in the  nutrients our bodies need to keep us healthy. In particular, hemp seed is well-known for being high in protein, essential fatty acids and fibre. It also provides a great source of vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulphur, calcium, iron and zinc. Most hemp seed products extract the oil or seed husk but by using Vasse Valley products you get the complete set of nutritional benefits that only the whole seed can give.

The Vasse Valley roasted hemp seed crumble can be sprinkled on your breakfast chia porridge or yoghurt, added to muesli bars for an extra nutty crunch ( or any baking for that matter), used as a crumb for your veggie patties, there are heaps of ways to add excitement to your cooking with the Vasse Valley Hemp products.

roasted hemp seed crumble western growers fresh

How much protein does hemp contain?

If you are looking for a great source of high quality plant-based protein, you have it in hemp seed. Most hemp seed products contain around 25% protein, which is similar to beef and lamb. This protein is also easily digestible, your body can absorb it easily, and it’s considered a complete protein source as it contains all the essential amino acids that need to come from our diet. Did you know that Complete sources of plant-based protein are uncommon?

That makes hemp seed really valuable for vegetarians and vegans.

The Vasse Valley Hemp pair, Chris and Bronwyn.

Vasse Valley Hemp family